Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ted Kennedy

I must admit, as a self proclaimed Reagan conservative, for many years I have often wondered when Ted Kennedy would step down from his post and once and for all rid us all of his far left rhetoric and border line insane ideology. I always felt that ex-democratic American icons such as JFK and Harry Truman would be turning in their grave at the current far left liberal way of thinking. The strength of the old left in the unmovable belief in this country's greatness and sovereignty is clearly lacking in today's leftist movement prevalently apparent in people like Ted Kennedy, Adriana Huffington, John Kerry, Dennis Kusinich, Howard Dean and on and on. These people are constantly apologetic to the views of all other countries but ours in spite of the effects of their wavering beliefs on the national security and the over all well being of our great nation. Can you imagine Jimmy Carter handling the Cuban missile crisis?! Just the thought of that makes me lose sleep. Do we forget his handling of the Iranian hostage crisis in the 80's? What was it 365 days of bad decisions, or even worse, inaction?! What gives him the balls to give anyone a lecture regarding foreign policy or how the middle east problems should be handled? He is the one under whose weak watch Iran was allowed to become the terrorist state that terrorizes everything we believe in and stands forever in the way of democracy and any resemblance of peace in that region of the world. Give me a break. Yet it was JFK, a democrat, who handled the missile crisis from a position of strength so lacking in today's leaders.
I certainly don't put all liberals on the same boat as this, I am simply referring to the leading majority of today's democratic party and their followers. I know there are those of you out there with the backbone of past leadership and ever-dying present ones such as Joe Lieberman who are strangers and unwanted in their own party.
I digress! back to Ted Kennedy. Having said all that, today after reading about his cancerous tumor in the brain, I found myself saddened for the man and his afflicted family. They certainly have been through it over the years in unbelievable ways. No matter what he is or stands for, he is still an American icon and deserves the respect of all Americans regardless of views and political affiliation. So today I wanted to send Ted Kennedy and his family my thoughts and prayers as well as well wishes for strength and the hope that he will beat this thing and live a long and healthy life still. Yes I want to be rid of him in a political sense but never in this manner. Its like your football team winning because the other team just didn't show up! Unfortunately for the republican party there are just not enough candidates with charisma and electable conservative core values and beliefs rivaling of our own parties storied past either. I hope a core of young and charismatic conservative leaders will emerge in the near future helping to lead this nation to continued greatness facing the complicated issues of the 21st century and reviving the conservative movement to its Reaganesque, if there would be such a word, values.